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Implementation of a Customized ERP Solution for a Pharmaceutical Group

A leading French pharmaceutical group wished to introduce into its French sites an ERP solution already running in one of its Italian subsdiaries. Based on an Italian software, this solution had been extended through the addition of SAP modules, so that it came in two languages, English and Italian, and involved highly heterogeneous terminology. The adaptation challenge was all the greater as the software had to be translated into "SAP language" in a manner consistent with the SAP solution run by our client in France.

We carried out the translation of 200,000 words, in the form of 243 MS-Word files containing embedded PowerPoint presentations. Our SAP expertise enabled us to produce a consistent French translation that was entirely compliant with the standard French SAP terminology.
Translation in Ventura Publisher Format for an Automotive Manufacturer

A European automotive manufacturer was facing dramatic difficulties in identifying a provider that could translate an extremely large volume of documents, covering the whole range of vehicles that the group was about to introduce on the French market, and available only in Ventura Publisher format. This work was additionally subject to a major, and very close, deadline (a few weeks), as this group was to coordinate its market entry with the product releases of several of its automotive partners. Attempts to produce the translation in-house had been discontinued after result quality proved quite insufficient.

We completed the French translation of 250,000 English and French words (the French part consisting of the already incorrectly translated files) in 20 business days. This translation was delivered in the form of Ventura Publisher files aligned on the source files.
"Made to Measure" Localization of an ERP Software

A major ERP software publisher called upon us as one of its main French clients was looking to implement its solution within a subsidiary based abroad. The local distributor of the software had three times failed to come up with a solution which satisfied the subsidiary's management.

We performed the localization of the solution, which involved the translation of 500,000 words in 15 days, followed by a phase of on-site testing and validation. To this end, we assigned a project team of 10 people for the first phase. We then dispatched 2 translators-reviewers on site for 30 days.

Our work encompassed the adaptation of Access tables, resource files and client-defined transactions. For the tests, we set up a dedicated environment consisting of a server and 3 client workstations.

The project's eventual complete success prompted warm congratulations from our client as well as its own client.
Multiple Technology Localization for a Cellular Manufacturer

We have carried out the localization of a "telephone-pocket computer" combo for a leading international cellular manufacturer. Particularly challenging was the fact that the product included several technologies with conflicting terminologies, as the client had included support for several operating systems (Psion, Mac and Windows) and wanted to reserve the possibility of subsequently choosing between them. In addition, translations had already been produced, in a non-consistent way, for the "telephone" and "computer" components. Development of a translation was complex, since it required educated insight into market trends so as to make, in coordination with the client, choices between various terminologies associated with the multiple technologies involved.

We conducted the translation, reviewing and testing of all messages and documentation for this product. This work included the translation of resource files, FrameMaker documents, RobotHelp helpfiles and HTML files, adding up to a total of 150,000 words. The translation itself was followed by several on-site work sessions, including one week at our client's world headquarters and two weeks at its French headquarters for validation of the consistency of the final product.
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