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How We Work
Seres builds upon the twenty year expertise of its founders in translation project management.

Based in Paris and Seattle, the company leverages, through a core team of 3 project managers, its worldwide network of translators / reviewers, most of whom are specialized in certain industries or technical fields. This pool of expert resources validated over the years is the keystone of the outstanding quality consistently delivered by Seres across all fields and languages.
The methods we have developed, based on advanced localization technologies, allow us to work in all of the main electronic document formats, including word processing documents, spreadsheets, DTP files, etc.

Our project management approach is focused on the client relationship and quality of the final product. All our work is submitted to a strict reviewing process. Projects are managed through a structured approach ensuring an editorial standard of quality. This approach allows for a close interaction with the client at all stages of the project, so as to integrate a variety of additional requirements, for example: comply with a specified terminology, create (or enrich, if they already exist) terminology databases or glossaries, etc.

Our global approach and project-specific methodologies enable us to process large volumes within tight deadlines (e.g., 500,000 words in 10 business days) with no prejudice to translation quality.
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